Madrid-based four piece band Baywaves have landed in the indie pop scene with a bang! After listening to their debut EP ‘Only for Uz’ it’s no surprise Baywaves have attracted the attention from some of the big players in the industry including BBC 6Music, NME, DIY and more. Only for Uz came out in 2016 and was mixed by Joe Walker (guitarist from King Gizzard). Since then, the band have released a multitude of singles and have played shows all around the world to growing audiences.

Sounds like:

The music from Baywaves is upbeat and fun, with a heavy emphasis on electric guitar with great bass lines (especially on the track 1954 Egyptian Drama). With an airy vocal sound, Baywaves tend to have layered vocal parts, which creates more depth in their tracks and makes for a really interesting listen. Their vocals aren’t a million miles away from those on a Tame Impala track.

Taking influences from The Avalanches and Steely Dan, Baywaves music is indie meets disco, with groovy sounding songs that create the sensation of being on a sunny beach in Spain (perhaps this is because this is the setting where their songs where many of their songs are written).

For fans of:

Beach House, Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Best songs:

Over Time, Gliss, Still In Bed

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