Blossoms – Cool Like You

Released: 27th April 2018

Rating: 3/5

Best Tracks: I Can’t Stand It and Love Talk

The new album from Blossoms reminds me of children in a sweet shop. In this analogy, the sweet shop represents the new synthesiser acquired by the band. A synthesiser which the Blossoms boys can’t seem to get enough of. It’s cool, but there’s a limit.

The leading singles for this album, I Can’t Stand It and There’s A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls), were the perfect catchy, synth-pop singles to tease fans for the release of this highly anticipated second album. These singles gave hope for a great summer album from a much-loved young British band. However, There’s A Reason Why they call it second album syndrome (if you’ll pardon the pun).

Cool Like You is a good album, but I wouldn’t extend the praise very far beyond that. Their highly acclaimed self-titled debut album meant that the band somewhat understandably didn’t want to stray far from their indie-pop, radio-friendly sound. Every song on the album is okay, and would definitely be enjoyed by an over-excited festival crowd, however I found myself a little bit disappointed with the album as a whole. Perhaps it’s the lack of an album narrative; the songs could be presented in any order and the album would still not have much of an identity. Given the resources available to the band, and the fact Cool Like You was released two years after their first album, the final result was not as good as it could, and should, have been.

One song that stands out in particular, besides the singles, is the final track on the album, Love Talk. This is the perfect track to finish the album, providing a mellow and calm ending to the album after the other more upbeat, feel-good songs. Love Talk also really allowed listeners to appreciate the vocals of lead singer Tom Ogden, which I thought sounded great on this final track.

Sadly, I felt the rest of the album was filled with rather humdrum songs, which are nice to listen to, but ultimately forgettable. I did find it interesting that Blossoms released all their songs in acoustic versions for the deluxe edition of the album, rather than tag a few more songs on at the end. A nice touch; the slower, acoustic versions provide a nice contrast to the very high energy sound of this album, but it doesn’t make the album anymore fulfilling.

Don’t get me wrong, I would still love to see Blossoms on the summer festival circuit, and maybe on their upcoming tour, but I would be going to singalong to the hits, not as a fan of the new album. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for album number 3 though, Blossoms. Please just bring back the fun guitar indie pop band that we all fell in love with. Enough with the synths.

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