Cool Sounds


Joining the thriving Australian indie scene are the outfit Cool Sounds. With an impressive seven band members representing Melbourne, Cool Sounds originally started out as somewhat of a joke band, who wrote amusing songs about the internet such as being in love with a YouTube star and making online friends. However, after a year, the band decided to develop their sound and take their music more seriously. And it was definitely a good idea.

Sounds like:

The music from Cool Sounds could definitely be described as soothing. Perhaps it’s the woozy synths, or the twanging guitar riffs, one way or another this band have mastered a daydream synth indie pop sound.

The single Cactus Country, taken from the upcoming second album Cactus Country, is a great easy listening song, with an almost nonchalant sound that could resemble that of Mac Demarco. Packed with jangly guitars, this sound quickly gives the listener a happy summer feeling. This is also helped by the subtle seagull cry half way through the song.

The upcoming album definitely has a lighter and dreamier sound compared to their debut album, Dance Moves, released back in 2016. Perhaps it’s the slight change in vocals, with the new album Cactus Country having higher pitched vocals to complement the higher guitar riffs, or the lighter drum parts. Either way, I will be very surprised if the new album from Cool Sounds doesn’t launch them higher into the indie pop scene.

For fans of:

Her’s, Ariel Pink, The Ocean Party

Best songs:

Cactus Country, Control, The Beat

Listen to the new single Cactus Country here: Cool Sounds – Cactus Country

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