Gus Dapperton – Live @ Manchester Academy 3

New York artist Gus Dapperton treated his UK fans to a sold-out gig at Manchester Academy 3 filled with wonderfully wacky 90s indie pop music.

Gus Dapperton is arguably one of the most up and coming on trend artists currently blowing up in the indie pop world. This meant expectations of his gig were extremely high, and the crowd had to be one of the most over-excited and animated I’ve seen in a long time.

The quality of Gus Dapperton’s music cannot be faulted. Every song played sounded great and his unique vocals sounded really good live. His fans sang every word and danced with him too. He looked great on stage in fluorescent green overalls with a green turtle neck underneath, definitely keeping up with the edgy image he portrays.

Social media plays a huge role in the music industry, and definitely in Gus Dapperton’s career as it stands, and so it was surprising to see how unenthusiastic he was to chat to the crowd. Gus also has a  big and interesting look on stage, so it was a shame to see how uninteresting he was in his chat throughout the gig, barely saying hello or acknowledging the crowd in between his songs. This lack of crowd interaction created a surprisingly sour atmosphere in the venue. Gus Dapperton is still an unestablished artist who relies predominantly on streaming, he hasn’t even released an album yet, so the egocentric image he portrayed on stage was really disappointing. Maybe he is just shy, but if he wants a sustainable career as a performer then there is a definite attitude change needed. He’s lucky his music makes up for his lack of stage presence, and the gig did make me think his eccentric image is perhaps overcompensating slightly for a personality.

The encore did seem to be a slightly empty promise. Having already played the hits in the gig, I was surprised to see Gus come back on stage for an encore. The Beatle’s hit ‘Twist And Shout’ was played and really pleased the crowd who created a big mosh pit as they danced along. Despite arguably being an incredibly easy song to cover, Gus Dapperton definitely did it justice and the fans absolutely loved it. However, this was the only song played in the encore, and it seemed slightly odd for him to come back on stage, hype up the crowd and then slip away as if nothing ever happened. He definitely would’ve been better off saving one of his hits like ‘I’m Just Snacking’ for the encore to play after the Beatles cover.

Overall Gus Dapperton is an incredibly talented young artist and his music is bringing a much-needed refreshing spin on the saturated indie pop market but seeing him live was a definite eye opener to the person behind the image of Gus Dapperton. A lot of young artists come and go in the music industry without anyone remembering who they are. Gus Dapperton definitely has the talent to make it, and for his sake I really do hope he is one of the few indie pop artists who manages to stick around for a while.

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