Hayes & Y


Part Bulgarian, part Finish, Manchester-based band Hayes & Y have to be one of the most steadily rising bands on the indie rock scene. Hayes & Y’s debut EP, Hayes & Y, was released back in 2014, followed by their second EP The Only Thing Worse Than an Overpriced Bottle of Water in 2015. Since then the band have released an abundance of singles, including the track ‘Blue’ which talks about loneliness and longing, but has a catchy dance vibe.

Sounds like:

The music from Hayes & Y is impressively unique, whilst still containing musical hints from bands that likely influenced them. Yet amongst an array of new indie rock bands trying to make it big, Hayes & Y are set apart by not fitting the traditional indie rock/indie pop mold and this makes for a really distinct and recognizable sound. Perhaps it’s the ever so slight euro-pop sound heard in their music, or maybe it’s their addictive and atmospheric guitar hooks. Whatever Hayes & Y are doing, it is definitely working.

The Hayes & Y vocals are definitely similar to that of Everything Everything, especially in the songs ‘The Feeling’ and ‘Let Me In’. The upbeat and more indie pop side of Hayes & Y could be compared to that of Blossoms, particularly on the track ‘Over’, but with a much more developed sound and more variations between songs. Similarly, songs such as ‘Blue’ and ‘Always So Simple, Always So Cold’ are reminiscent of London-based band Jungle. Hayes & Y have managed to develop many musical elements used by successful indie bands and make it their own, and it definitely works.

For fans of:

Blossoms, Everything Everything, Jungle

Best songs:

Blue, Over, Special

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