Her’s – Live @ Band On The Wall

Liverpool-based dream pop duo Her’s took to the stage at Manchester’s Band On The Wall to play a show full of smooth base lines, amazing vocals and amusingly weak banter with the crowd.

The boys, Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading, came waltzing on stage to The Everly Brother’s classic ‘All I Have to Do Is Dream.’ Picking up their instruments and singing along with the song, it created a wonderful atmosphere in the room and the crowd were engaged and singing along before the gig had even gotten underway.

Seeing Her’s live really did validate how truly talented these two scouse boys are. Stephen’s vocals really were astonishingly impressive, with a pitch range unlike no other. Audun, on the other hand, provided wonderfully raw bass lines and some truly great dancing which had the crowd bopping up and down happily to.

Since Her’s are a guitar, bass and vocal duo, it was interesting to see that a backing track was used at the gig to fill in for the drums and harmonies. At first, I found it added a slightly odd synthetic aspect to the gig. Although with the intimacy of a venue like Band On The Wall, and the fact that there are only two band members, it did make sense to use the backing track. Seeing a whole band on the stage might have made it felt crowded and having the backing track really did leave the whole spotlight open for Stephen and Audun. It also made the gig feel slightly more raw, seeing them fiddle with backing tracks on a mac computer that was sat at the front of the stage and definitely added to the intimacy of the gig.

The signature Pierce Brosnan cardboard cut-out attended the gig as well, situated at the back of the stage. He did look slightly worn out, but then again, he has been busy travelling up and down the country touring with Her’s.

The encore was a slightly strange moment in the gig. The boys ended the gig and walked off, but kept their instruments plugged in, so had the wires dragging behind them as they came off stage. The crowd called for an encore enthusiastically enough, and the boys came back on to play another three songs. It was a slightly strange orchestration of the encore which could definitely be improved, but the crowd seemed beyond pleased to get another three songs, so it can’t have mattered too much.

The encore had a really unique cover of Minnie Riperton’s ‘Loving You.’ The tempo was slowed down, but the adapted guitar riff made it feel much more contemporary and even slightly unrecognisable. It was a really good adaptation of a very overplayed classic and it made the song feel ten years younger. Stephen also did a superb job of the rather unforgiving vocals and his voice complimented the song perfectly.

Besides from the slightly strange encore, the gig from Her’s really can’t be heavily faulted. They entertained the crowd and played some amazingly good music. Her’s really are a band who will just keep going up and up and up, and if you can, go and catch them live, it’s definitely worth it.

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