Honey Moon


Four London boys make up the dreamy indie rock band Honey Moon. Their first self-titled EP came out in 2015, and since then the boys have clearly been working hard, with two new singles (Yours, Girl and (Why Do You Think You’re So) Special?) which were released via the record label Heist or Hit, which the band has recently signed to.

Honey Moon are branding themselves with retro vibes, and this definitely works. From the very 60s inspired music video for (Why Do You Think You’re So) Special? which shows the boys performing their song in a 4:3 screen, to having a distinct sound that could resemble that of a modern The Beach Boys, especially on their newer songs. Even the artwork for the cover of their two newest singles looks retro 

Sounds like:

The name Honey Moon is a good summary of what this band sounds like: fun, dreamy, and in some cases very soothing (especially the song I Saw You in a Dream.) In the words of the band themselves, they are ‘making jangly croon pop to please your ears and warm your hearts.’ The band have definitely found their sound, and if you listen to their songs in the order in which they have been released, it’s evident that the band’s sound is only getting cleaner, sharper, and if possible, even more croon.

This band appears to be anything but formulaic. Despite the main component in most of their songs being jangly guitar riffs, the single (Why Do You Think You’re So) Special? features fun and upbeat brass instrumental section, which brings a refreshing edge to the track, and also sets them apart from other up and coming indie bands.

For fans of:

Mac Demarco, Mellow Fellow, Tommy Newport

Best songs:

(Why Do You Think You’re So) Special?, Ellie, Tripping (On the Thought Of You)

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