Loose Tooth


Loose Tooth are the latest great band coming from Courtney Barnett’s record label Milk! Records. With two thirds of the band having met in nursery, and the remaining third being a long-term family friend, it’s no wonder Loose Tooth have such a tight and integrated sound, playing music almost as if they were one person.

Sounds like:

Representing Melbourne, Loose Tooth are following the sound of other Aussie newcomers such as The Goon Sax and Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever with prominent, almost jangly sounding guitars complemented with interesting basslines and clever lyrics. However, Loose Tooth have a distinctively gutsy sound to them, and they really don’t seem to be afraid to sing about how they feel. With male vocals resembling Stephen Malkmus mixed with the wit of Courtney Barnett, Loose Tooth are set apart from other new bands by their ability to make every song feel personal and almost like a conversation, as if the band are addressing someone personal to them, and this makes for a really nice listen.

One key characteristic I have noticed in Loose Tooth’s sound is their rowdy and energetic musicality which is juxtaposed against emotional and sentimental lyrics laced beneath them. For example, I would best describe the song You Say as an upbeat middle-finger anthem to the person it is about. However, when picked apart, the lyrics have a lot of emotion and are rather melancholic: “You say there’s no one better, I’m the best person you’ve met… Well if I’m really special, why am I a secret? Why do you tell little lies about how we are meeting?” Important questions that Loose Tooth are demanding answers to through their punchy music.

The band also excel at having lots of variety in their songs. Their debut album Keep Up begins with the catchy guitar pop song Keep On, followed by the gutsy track You Say. However, towards the end of the album the band take a much more mellow approach, with songs such as Asteroid and Moon Shine, which carry much more sentiment in them. The album is wrapped up with the lullaby Miss You, which features a wonderful saxophone outro, making for a lovely sleepy ending to this album. The journey in the varying sound in this album makes for a really interesting listen, and also really shows just how talented Loose Tooth are.

For fans of:

Courtney Barnett, The Velvet Underground, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Snail Mail

Best songs:

Keep On, Butter Knife, Asteroid, Miss You

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