Miles Kane – Coup De Grace

Released: 10th August 2018

Rating: 2/5

Best track: Killing The Joke

A lot has happened since Miles Kane released his last solo album way back in 2013. We had the Rio Olympics, the birth of Prince George, the death of David Bowie, and Brexit leading the UK into political chaos. After all of that, it seems that all Miles Kane has to sing about is his most recent break up.

Coup De Grace is an album that can only be described, at best, as comforting, full of very mediocre, and very formulaic, indie-pop songs; the classic radio-friendly indie pop tunes we all know too well. The end result is a lukewarm post-break up album, with a significant, and sadly very hard to miss, Alex Turner shaped hole. With his Last Shadow Puppets pal off on tour celebrating the Arctic Monkey’s latest success, Kane appears almost lost on his own.

Coup De Grace starts with the upbeat song Too Little Too Late, where Kane appears to be singing about his regret at the lack of control he had regarding the end of his recent relationship, singing lyrics such as ‘I try but I can’t be what I’m not.’ The next song in the album follows a similar theme with Kane singing about being ‘pushed too far’ by the relationship.

The rest of the album follows the same path, with Kane singing about various different emotions regarding the break-up. One song will be about his anger and remorse with all the problems in the relationship, and the next about his juxtaposing feelings of sadness, loneliness and regret at failing at the relationship. He even discusses the inevitable social media stalk that follows the end of a relationship; ‘your ex-girlfriend no longer posts, she must be somewhere living a lie.’

Despite a few good tracks, namely Killing The Joke and Loaded (co-written with Jamie T and Lana Del Rey), this album is fairly bland. The main problem with this album is that it doesn’t give the listener anything; after hearing it in full you don’t feel as if Kane is any more over his ex-girlfriend than he is at the beginning. Disappointingly, this leaves the listener at the end feeling no difference in emotion, except maybe annoyance at never getting back the 31 minutes lost to listening to the whole of this album.

If anything, Coup De Grace shows that Kane is a great collaborator. The Last Shadow Puppets have had major international success, and the definite standout songs on the album were co-written with Jamie T and Lana Del Rey. Unfortunately, Kane did let it slip that he dropped most of the songs co-written with Lana Del Rey from the album. We can only imagine what the album could have been had those songs not been binned.

Overall, this album has hinted to me that Miles Kane needs 3 things. A hug, a new girlfriend, and his best friend Alex Turner to help him make great music again.

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