Teleman – Family of Aliens

Released: 7th September 2018

Rating: 4/5

Best tracks: Song For A Seagull, Always Dreaming, Submarine Life 

‘You’ve got your headphones as you float by, with your thousand yards stare’ Teleman sing in my ear as I’m pacing through central Manchester with my headphones on, staring far ahead as I walk. Despite never having met them, I really do feel as if Teleman know me, somehow secretly watching and narrating my life. Narrating in an almost mocking and humorous way. Or maybe they are just describing how most of us get through our day to day lives.

Throughout the entirety of Family of Aliens, Teleman are making it quite clear that they are not happy with Earth and that they want to run away from everything. Song For A Seagull, the album’s lead single, is all about withdrawing from life and flying off to a better place. Somebody’s Island is about leaving Earth and living on the moon. Submarine Life fantasises about running away from the land and living underwater. Clearly, Teleman want to escape to a better place, somewhere they could only dream up.

Despite choosing the rather ambiguous and abstract theme of science fiction to focus on throughout this album, Teleman have made it surprisingly relatable to listeners. On the surface, it is hard to see the immediate relevance of wanting to go and live on the moon (for one example). However, after picking the album apart, it is evident that Teleman have managed to subtly capture and relay back to us how many people feel: unable to handle the sober world, often daydreaming and wanting to run away to a world that you have dreamed up.

Without listening to the album, this idea of wanting to run away from Earth might give off the impression that Family of Aliens is a bleak and depressing album, but this is far from what Teleman have created. This album is full of upbeat tempos and electric synths, making for a really fun and catchy feel. It resembles a sound very similar to that of Pulp, or perhaps even an upbeat Belle and Sebastian. Filled with great tracks to dance to, the happy hooks and boppy beats throughout this album make for a really refreshing listen.

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