The Breunion Boys: is a punchy pop song enough to bring Britain back to the EU?

‘Britain you’re great, but together we’re greater’ sings the heartbroken Breunion Boys, a new Dutch boyband formed with the aim of bringing Britain back to the EU.

The Breunion Boys have a plan to ‘release a hit single, and through the power of music, get [Britain] back’. This ‘hit’ single, titled Britain Come Back, is the typical commercial Euro pop love song. The sorrow caused by Britain’s departure is immediately adamant in this song, the opening line ‘I cannot believe this is the end’ being sung over a deep and melancholic chord progression.

Julia Veldman is the brains behind the Breunion Boys, her decision to form the band motivated by her belief that ‘a boyband is the nuclear weapon among propaganda’. She really has made the perfect boyband and pop song, but I must say I am uncertain on whether it will be enough to bring Britain back to the EU.

The Breunion Boys also address the innate geographical separation between Britain and the rest of Europe in their song, managing to twist it into a Brexit metaphor: ‘there’s always been a sea between us / we used to sail it together / but you’re leaving, now we’re falling apart’. The chorus of Britain Come Back is intensely catchy, with the five-piece religiously chanting ‘Britain come back’, showing clearly their inspiration for the song title.

The music video for Britain Come Back is a stereotypical boyband music video and has definitely taken inspiration from the videos from many of our beloved boybands. The music video is an alarmingly accurate mix between One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful and Westlife’s If I Let You Go, showing the Breunion Boys singing and dancing in various different types of lighting on what looks like a very cold and windy beach. The music video also shows that the Breunion Boys are more than just a pretty face, with synchronised dancing in the style that can only be compared to a JLS meets NYSYNC mashup. Throw in some East17 emotional lip synching and the Breunion Boys have ticked every box in the boyband music video handbook.

Hearing new music from our European neighbours regarding the Brexit ordeal is always refreshing, for example the notable Amber Arcades on her album European Heartbreak, released earlier this year. I can’t say the Breunion Boys are as subtle and understated as Amber Arcades on how they feel about Brexit, but they do win points for amusement and ridiculously catchy hooks. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the Breunion Boys make an appearance in 2019’s Eurovision.

Regardless of whether the Breunion Boys can swoon Britain into sticking with the EU, Britain Come Back is a fantastically catchy pop song – definitely go and check it out.

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