The Goon Sax


A great Australian name for a great Australian band. The Goon Sax (named after the silver bag of booze found in cheap boxes of wine) comprises of the Brisbane trio Riley Jones, Louis Forster and James Harrison. Their debut album Up to Anything was recorded while the trio were still in high school, and was later released in 2016. Up to Anything was widely praised by The Guardian, Rolling Stone, and NME.

Sounds like:

The somewhat juvenile sound of the Goon Sax immediately grabs your attention on the first listen. Their music is simple but effective; awkward guitar complimented with entertaining and very truth-beholding lyrics that perfectly depict the mundane and gawkiness of suburban teenage adolescence, and the vulnerability of growing up. For example, the opening album-titled track sings ‘I’m not feeling up to anything / I’m nothing’ as well as ‘I can’t walk this sadness out’. Other great lyrics include those on the track Sweaty Hands – ‘Walk past an apartment and hear ABBA / it makes me cry / eat banana bread, drink water / and think about your eyes’.

For fans of:

Frankie Cosmos, Steven Malkmus & The Jicks, The Go-Betweens

Best songs:

Make Time 4 Love, Sweaty Hands

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